State Machine

State Machine (2022)

State Machine is being exhibited at Stone Lane Gardens as part of the 2022 Ashburner Prize Sculpture Exhibition until 31st October 2022 and received a commendation from the judges.

“State Machine” (2022) consists of 11 similar but unique objects lifted at varying heights above the ground on steel support rods. The objects are positioned in such a way that they can either be thought of as a series of snapshots describing the path of a single object through space, or a representation of a cloud or swarm of objects frozen at a single moment in time.

The forms and colours are reminiscent of vector diagrams that are used to describe and calculate forces acting on objects or systems. The relative sizes of the arms and areas of colour can be thought of as representations of speed, energy, or acceleration, and are also reminiscent of semaphore signals.

The title State Machine refers to the concept in computer programming where a system (programme) can only be in one pre-defined state at a time and changes between states are clearly defined by rules. For example imagine you moving through an alphabet and you are at letter B, from here you can only move to letter A or letter C. If you are at letter Z then you can only move to letter Y.

(Wood, paint, steel)